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Insulin and Disulfide Bond

Synpeptide Co Ltd have synthesized over 8000 disulfide-containing peptides successfully  so far.

1, Synthesis of your peptide having:

    intrachain and/or interchain disulfide bond(s),

     single to five or more disulfide bond(s),

    a long peptide backbone with intrachain disulfide bond(s), and disulfide bond(s) in combination with stable isotope- or  fluorescencelabeling and/or other various modifications.

2, Regioselective formation of two or three disulfide linkages.

3, Formation of homo-and/or hetero-disulfide bond(s) between non-cysteine sulfur-containing amino acid derivatives including deamino compounds.

Selective disulfide bond formation

   4-[D10]Leu-Insulin (Human)


Selective disulfide bond formation

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