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History of Synpeptide Co Ltd


    Synpeptide Co Ltd was established in 1998 as a peptide drug discovery company. In 2004, Syneptide became a wholly owned subsidiary of USA, a company that develops novel immune therapy and diagnostic approaches for various  cancers. 

    Synpeptide Co Ltd is a leading provider of innovative peptide synthesis services, as well as a research and development partner for projects in Immunology, Proteomics and Drug Discovery.

    Syneptide 's head office and production sites are located in Shanghai, China. All of its production and services are performed in Shanghai/China in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. 

    Synpeptide is serving a worldwide customer base in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as researchers in universities, governmental and non-profit organizations. Over the past decade, Synpeptide has developed a portfolio of proprietary technologies and a series of unique products and services which support research efforts in proteomics, all development phases of novel vaccines or immunotherapies and peptides based drug discovery. 

    Since 2008, Synpeptide is actively involved in R&dpartnerships and contract research projects focusing on seromarker discovery & validation, development of immune monitoring tools and diagnostics, vaccine target discovery, peptide lead identification & optimization, biomarker quantification by targeted proteomics, enzyme substrate identification & sensitivity profiling. 


    In 2013, Synpeptide launched an online shop to ease the access to its unique portfolio of catalog peptide synthesis Stable Isotope Peptides and peptide library.