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Polyclonal Antibodies

Our custom polyclonal antibodies are typically robust and specific, but there are times when the very nature of their varied response can limit your research.  When you need a long term solution to obtaining a homogenous supply of reliable and continuously reproducible material, a monoclonal antibody is where you turn 

Whether you wish to use peptides, proteins, or something entirely novel, we will communicate with you to develop the right strategy to meet your needs. 

Below is our standard service broken down into the typical multi-phase development plan.  We can easily customize various aspects of this to your specifications whenever necessary.

Phase I: Inception                    $3,400

• SYN will analyze target protein and suggest peptide antigen, or customer can supply material for immunization
• Proper screening methods will be discussed and finalized
• Four mice (Balb/c) will be immunized over a period of seven weeks
• Anti-sera will be analyzed by ELISA using appropriate material and/or samples sent to customer for evaluation 

Phase II: Development             $5,700

• Splenocyte cells from top two mice will be fused with a myeloma cell line
• Fusions will be screened for hybridomas producing specific antibodies by ELISA
• Expanded fusion positives will be screened in a reconfirmation assay from which up to twenty different parental clones will be selected and supernatant samples sent to customer for evaluation
• One vial of each parental clone will be frozen and stored for future use  

Phase III: Production                $2,100
• Sub-cloning of 1-2 parental cell lines with ELISA screening and expansion
• Up to two positive subclones from each parental clone will be expanded and isotyped, with a final deliverable of 50mL supernatant from each sent to the customer for evaluation
• All remaining material is frozen and can be banked for a period of one year

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