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Working at SynPeptide Co Ltd
SynPeptide Co Ltd is a leading provider of peptide arrays, custom peptides and innovative peptide related products and services forimmunology, proteomics and enzyme profiling. We are located in Shanghai, China and serve an international customer base.


Synpeptide Co Ltd is  an independent, technology-based company which manufactures high-quality peptides and related products at competitive prices.

Synpeptide follow sound economic and ecological principles, comply with relevant international regulations, and are committed to building a reliable partnership with both customers and employees.

Synpeptide are active globally, with current emphasis on human healthy than on maximizing profits. As a technical researcher, as long as we stick to this belief, profit will follow.

Synpeptide take our social responsibility seriously by putting a higher priority on secure jobs and environmental protection.

Synpeptide play an active role in society, cultivating a good relationship with authorities, professional societies and the public, and providing appropriate support