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Peptide Array Service

Synpeptide Co. Ltd. is the market leader for customized peptide microarrays on glass slides. Synpeptide's peptide arrays are efficient tools for seromarker discovery, immunomonitoring and for screening, mapping and validation of protein interactions. In addition, our PepStar™ microarray technology also enables enzyme profiling of methyl, glycosyl, acetyl transferases and lysine deacetylases, kinases, phosphatases and proteases.
Peptide arrays are immobilized onto glass slides via a flexible linker. By chemoselective immobilization and a special synthesis technique the peptides become purified during the immobilization process. From one synthesis batch we can prepare multiple identical copies of each peptide microarray at unmatched pricing and turnaround time. Application protocols for both, manual and automated incubation with fluorescence read-out are delivered with all our peptide microarrays.
Service Specifications

· 5-250 nmol for each crude peptide

· Peptide length of 5-15 AA*
· C- terminal of (β-Alanine)2 or C-terminal amino acid of choice
· MALDI-TOF QC on 5% of peptides and COA
· Availability of multiple peptide modifications involving biotin, FITC, phosphor, and etc.
· 2-3 weeks typical turnaround time
· Minimum order size of 48 peptides
Note*: Every peptide in a peptide array should be of the same length.
Delivery Specifications
The peptide location table and QC report containing MS and COA data are included along with the peptide array delivered in follow format:
· Lyophilized peptides in 96-well plate
Note*: There might be a little sodium salt remaining in sample because of the lyophylization procedure.
Key Features
· No cross-contamination: Peptide synthesis is performed by automated instrumentation.
· Comprehensive modifications: Our modification services include biotin, FITC, phosphor, etc.
· Stringent quality control: Synpeptide provides MALDI-TOF QC on 5% of peptides and COA report.
· Instant online quotation: Convenient online submission of your peptide array requirement.
· One-stop down-stream services: Synpeptide provides epitope mapping service, binding assay, and functional assay for your drug discovery research.
· Antibody epitope mapping
· Protein-protein, enzyme-substrate, and receptor-ligand interactions studies
· Phosphorylation studies
· Binding and functional assay studies
· B-cell epitope mapping